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MyWestside FAQs


Who can use MyWestside?
MyWestside and online registration is available to everyone. A registered user will utilize their account email as their user ID and a password they have chosen. 

How do I set up an account?

If you're a Westside Member:
All Westside members have an account. Visit and click on MyWestside. Your main account contact email is your Login ID. If you’ve forgotten your password or do not have one, you can request a new one by clicking “Forgot your Password?,” then following the instructions.
If you do not have an account:
Please call Customer Service at 403.531.5875 and we would be pleased to set you up.
Contact the Customer Service Desk for further assistance by calling 403.531.5875 Ext 0.

Are you experiencing trouble viewing portions of the MyWestside page?
Our website and MyWestside are best viewed using Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers.
Browsers such as Windows Internet Explorer or Edge might not display correctly. However, you can often improve how a website will look by using a feature called Compatibility View. To turn Compatibility View on, click the Compatibility View button to make the icon change from an outline to a solid color. From now on, whenever you visit this website, it will be displayed in Compatibility View.


How do I change my personal account information?
If you have an online account, you may log into MyWestside and update your information. If you do not have an online account, please send an email with your updated information to or call 403.531.5875 Ext 0.

Where are my receipts and confirmations emailed?
All financial transactions and program information, including receipts, program confirmations, membership renewal notices, rental contracts and bookings will be sent directly to your/your family's primary account contact email. If you have unsubscribed from Westside email, you can find printable receipts and confirmations in your MyWestside online account. Westside does not send receipts and confirmations by postal mail.

What programs did I take last session?
Your online account includes information regarding your past program registrations. For program information not listed in your account history call 403.531.5875.

I tried to log in several times, now my account is locked, what do I do?
You may make 5 password attempts before being locked out. Just click on "Forgot Your Password" on the MyWestside login page and you will receive a temporary password to access your account. For locked accounts, please call Customer Service at 403.531.5875 to have your account unlocked.


Why are some programs listed not available for online registration?
Westside closes online registration 7 days prior to a program's start date in order to plan for staffing and program materials. Additionally, some programs have prerequisites and/or special requirements, therefore you may need to register in person or by phone.

Can I withdraw from a program online?
Yes. Just log into your online account, view your Schedules, find your program and click “Withdraw.” Please refer to Registered Programs Withdrawal Policy tab for complete information. Withdrawal fees will apply.

Why do I receive the message "Client does not meet course requirements or prerequisite" when trying to register?
If you receive this message, this client cannot be registered in the chosen program. Please ensure your account information is complete (for example, a missing birthdate can imply the client is not old enough to register for a course). If you are still having trouble, please contact Program Registration at 403.531.5875 Ext 310 to clarify requirements/prerequisites and complete registration.

How do I know that my program registration was completed successfully?
Registration confirmations and receipts are emailed within 48 hours to the primary email address listed in your account. In addition, you can confirm active registrations by viewing your MyWestside account details under the Invoices tab.


What payment options are available for online registration?
Payment must be made at the time of registration.
Online registration accepts Visa, Mastercard or Amex. If you have a credit balance on your account, you may choose to use your account credit toward your program fees.

Can I still register if I have an outstanding balance?
Yes. You will see the outstanding balance on your account, but you will be permitted to register for a program.

Are my online registration transactions secure?
Yes, Westside uses Verisign encryption to protect all transactions. Even though your credit card information is stored in your online account, it is not stored on Westside's network.


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