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2020 Fitness Trends

2020 Fitness Trends

Posted on: Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 09:57

The fitness experts of CanFitPro recently released the top Canadian fitness trends for 2020. Once again, you will find that Westside offers a wide variety of programs and services featuring the most current trends in fitness.

The top ten for 2020 are:

Active Recovery focuses on self-care and free movement using items such as foam rollers and balls, and includes low-intensity and mindful exercises such as yoga, Pilates, and meditation.

Functional Fitness is the use of strength training to improve balance, coordination, power and endurance, ultimately improving one’s ability to perform daily living functions.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) features intense bursts of training followed by short rest periods. Some experts believe this is the most efficient form of exercise.

Nutrition & Healthy Eating, combined with exercise, offers the best approach to improving overall health.

Express Workouts give people with limited time the opportunity to stay active on a tight, efficient schedule.

Pre-Choreographed Fitness Programs offer simple, easy to remember exercise routines that appeal to an increasing number of people.

Body Weight Training programs such as TRX offer effective exercise using minimal equipment and one’s own body weight.

Older Adult Programs remain a strong trend for 2020 as post-retirement adults want to live healthfully and ensure daily function as they age.

Workplace Wellness Opportunities bring health and wellness into the workweek, benefitting employees and employers alike.

Circuit Training, sets of exercises performed in a "drill-based" manner, build strength and overall fitness while burning maximum energy.

For more information on Westside programs and services, see our seasonal Guide.

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